If you have a strong desire to be part of the IDCEE conference, if you are active, smart and responsible – then we would like to extend an invitation to you to become a part of our team and dive deep into the unique atmosphere of the conference. The people you will meet and work with are extraordinary personalities.  They represent companies and products, that you use every day in your common life, without even noticing the great change that they brought into the present world. It is a great chance to meet them personally!

We will select 35-40 volunteers this year, so try to impress us while answering the questions in the form below.  There will be the following areas in which you will be able to make your personal contribution to the success of the conference: Startups, Investors, Special Guests, Reception, Catering, Main Stage, Workshops, Press, etc. 

Please note, that we'll start to gather volunteer team after May 21st, 2012.

Please be honest and sincere while answering the following questions and we will contact you shortly!

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What type of people do you like to work with?
What has been the biggest challenge in your life?

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