General Information

Welcome to 1,530 years old capital of Ukraine!

Kiev is one of the oldest and most important cities of Eastern Europe, it`s often called "the mother of all Slavic cities". Kiev`s influence upon the development of the East Slavic civilization and modern Ukrainian nation cannot be overestimated. Ukrainian capital hospitably offers its guests an inimitable mixture of historical and modern attractions, unique cultural events. It’s a must-visit place for those who try to understand the Slavic soul, broaden their outlook or just have a unique enjoyable experience.

Today Kiev is a modern city with over 4 million inhabitants. Like many other large cities of the former Soviet Union, it is a melting pot of the old styles and habits, standing in stark contrast to the birth of democracy and its effects on society. The new Kiev can be seen in everything from the new buildings to the people themselves. Even Kiev's "downtown" is a dotted picture of new and emerging, modern buildings against the pale yellows, blues and grays of the older Soviet style architecture.