Interesting Facts

1.     The first and the only one in Europe temple on the water is situated in Kiev – Church of St. Nicolas.

2.     Arsenal’na metropolitain station, build in 1960 is the deepest station in the world. It is situated 105m under the ground.

3.     Kiev Television Tower is the tallest lattice structure in the world. It is 385m high.

4.     Russian Christianity Orthodox culture began in Kiev. In 988 Prince Vladimir introduced Christianity to Kievan Rus.

5.     Kiev was the first ever capital of Kievan Rus, the first Russian state (late 9th century - 1240). It was built on the lands of the Polyan tribal union, but it later incorporated all the Eastern Slavic tribes.

6.     Kiev was the largest town in XI century Europe, fifty times the size of London, ten times the size of Paris. It reached the height of its prominence under the rule of Yaroslav the Wise (1010-1054 AD), who had family connections to the royal houses of France, Norway, Hungary, and Poland.

7.     The first computer in continental Europe was built in Kiev under the supervision of the scholar Sergey Lebedev and well-known scientist Victor Glushkov in 1950.

8.     AN-225 “Mria” (from Ukrainian – “a dream”) is today the biggest and the heaviest aircraft with the highest cargo capacity in the World. This unique cargo plane was constructed in the 1980′s by the Antonov’s Development Laboratory (Kiev, Ukraine). Its length is 84 m, height – 18 m, total cargo capacity – 250 tons.

9.     Ukraine has the World’s 5th largest and fastest growing IT outsourcing services market in the World, with revenues in 2012 expected to reach $5 billion.

10.          Famous people that are Ukrainian or of Ukrainian extraction are Vitali and Vladimir KlitschkoAndrey ShevchenkoVasyl VirastyukMila Kunis, Milla Jovovich, Sergey KorolevVladimir VernadskyIlya MechnikovSimon KuznetsNikolay AmosovMikhail BulgakovIlya RepinKazimir MalevichRuslana and many others.