Places to Visit

Museum of Miniature

The museum houses a collection of about 30 miniatures. The author of this project is an internationally well-known master Nikolay Syadristy. All of his works are made by hand, by a special technology. The most famous among them are: the world's smallest violin, a portrait of Yuri Gagarin carved from a sloe seed, the world's tiniest working electric engine, shoed flea, a caravan of camels in a needle's eye, the smallest inscription  made by a man - a signature on a cut of a hair etc.

Hologram Museum

Holography is a method of obtaining three-dimensional optical copies of real objects with a laser beam.
The collection of the museum brings together about 40 copies of highly three-dimensional copies of art masterpieces. The exhibition displays a holographic copy of the famous "Golden pectoral; portrait bust of Prince Yaroslav the Wise, religious objects: icons, tabernacles, crosses, chalices, gospels frames. A number of holograms are female ornaments era of Kievan Rus', made mainly of silver and decorated with cloisonne.

The memorial complex "The National Museum of the Great Patriotic War of 1941-1945"

The size and significance of the collection of museum is one of the largest in Ukraine. Its collection includes over 300 thousand of unique exhibits. This makes it possible to update the main exhibition and to establish annually to twenty expositions. Today the memorial is a leading research and scientific-methodological and cultural-educational center for the military history of Ukraine. More than 21 million visitors from 200 countries around the world have visited this museum.

The Golden Gate

The main ceremonial gate of ancient Kiev, an outstanding monument of architecture, art and history of Kievan Rus. Golden Gate is a mighty fortress with a wide (7.5 m) passing through. The height of the walls preserved up to 9.5 meters. The gates were stone, due to special significance that this construction was given. Decorative masonry features are well read on the front surface of the walls. This fortified wall, defining the limits of the city and serving as a protective barrier from invaders in centuries past, dates back to 1037, the reign of prince Yaroslav the Wise. When Mongol Tatars tried to break through the gates, they did not manage to do that and moved on to search another way to invade the city. The place was restored to its present condition in 1983, and it now serves as the Golden Gate Historical museum.

Museum of Water

Museum of Water is one of the newest and most popular museums in Kiev, located in the building of a water tower, built in 1872 – 1876.
Its fascinating exposition created in a exciting way and reports about everything the water does. There are several models that demonstrate the comprehensive nature of water: water on the surface, underground water, etc. The exhibition shows the water cycle: you can see how the glaciers are melting, rain, waterfalls, erupting geysers etc.

Museum of Historical Treasures and Jewelry of Ukraine

In this museum you can find a lot of ancient jewelry and treasures exhibits.The work carried out by jewelers in the earliest stages of Ukrainian national history, were collected and carefully stored for many years. The exhibits presented in the museum include the famous Scythian burial treasures "Gaymanova Grave" and "Thick Grave", a huge Scythian burial mounds, whose creation dates back to the fourth century BC. The exhibition includes moldings and frames for the icons and religious tomes, decorated with stones: emeralds, rubies, sapphires and pearls.

St. Andrew's Church

In the year 1744 the Russian Empress Elizabeth was visiting the home-land of her favorite Alexey Rozumovsky and decided to build her summer residence here. She herself laid the first symbolic brick of the new palace and church. A famous Italian architect Bartolomeo Rastrelly supervised the construction. Now the church-museum catches the eye of the visitors straight away. Its beauty and the aura of history make the place a must for visitors. 

The History of the Development of the World Cinematographic Technology  Museum

The museum was founded in 2007. A unique exhibition is housed in a small room of metropolitan Cinema House. It includes 350 items for shooting movies and photos, as well as samples of projectors, some of which were released in the late XIX century.
The most unique item in the museum is considered to be equipment, made in Russia, England and Germany in the end of the last century. The best example will be French projector «Pathe-Baby» released in1921, as well as films in the format 9.5 mm, which were shown on it.

The History of Cars in Models museum

Ukraine's first Museum of the cars was created by activists of the “Kiev Collectors Club”, who have collected the exposure of the five thousand models. During the tour you can learn the history of each model. Here you can find Hitler’s car with his figure made of plastic, as well as Carl Banks’ first car dated 1884, the first race cars, "Formula 1" etc. There are several cars from popular movies: ghost busters machine, cars from the movie "Back to the Future", James Bond’s "Aston Martin", "Cadillac" of the godfather of the same movie. Furthermore, you can find "popemobile", "Citroen" with the figure of General de Gaulle, "Mercedes", in which Kennedy was assassinated, the first "Ford" in 1902, pink "Cadillac" of Elvis Presley's and many other.

Aviation Museum

The museum was opened in 2003 – dedicated to 100th anniversary of aviation. It is first full-scale transport museum in Ukraine and one of the largest in size - more than 0.14 square kilometres.
There are more than 70 aircraft and helicopters. Furthermore: missiles, weapons, engines. Real polygon!
In addition, it appears that in Kiev - the world's only collection of "Backfire" - strategic bombers TU-22, capable to carry nuclear bombs.