Acton Capital Partners

Launched in April 2008, Acton Capital Partners is a Munich-based specialist investor in internet- and mobile-based, consumer-oriented businesses. Having managed more than 30 investments since 1999 as the corporate venture capital business of Hubert Burda Media, the German family-owned global media company, the Acton team brings a wealth of expertise to the companies in which it invests, delivering superior capital returns.

Since its inception, the BDV Fund has focused on early stage companies, with Acton Capital Partners assuring continuity for the portfolio companies and their outstanding entrepreneurs. Hubert Burda Media is the sole investor in the BDV Fund, which currently has 15 companies in its portfolio and has seen a number of successful exits via a variety of routes including IPOs and successful trade sales.

The highest profile names on the list of successes include “”, the product and price review comparison website, “”, the world’s largest used and antiquarian book site, and “”, the traveler to traveler travel forum. The BDV Fund is closed to investment in new ventures but has capital in reserve for further investment in existing companies should they require it.

The Heureka Growth Fund targets later stage companies with an established track record of revenue and profitability. The ideal investment candidates are European technology-enabled companies striving to take their growth opportunities to the next level. The focus of the Heureka Growth Fund remains firmly on Europe, with a maximum of 30% available for investment outside the region.

Their Munich-based investment team has a first-class pedigree and offers an outstanding platform for entrepreneurial value creation. In the course of building the BDV Fund we have established a comprehensive network of entrepreneurs, industry specialists, and finance professionals to ensure a steady proprietary deal flow.