Business Channel

BUSINESS is a television channel for people who possess a pro-active approach to life and are
eager to gain profit. They work for those viewers who want to improve their professional skills, leadership abilities, and personal qualities. Visionaries who dream one day to create a product like iPhone, launch a service like Google, or own brand like Roshen are our target audience.

Every day, the BUSINESS channel provides the latest news on the major Ukrainian and international companies. The information is invariably supplied with a commentary in relation to business.

Among the usual guests of their programmes are the owners of the well-known Ukrainian brands, top managers of successful national companies, and many other champions of achievement.

The information covered in every story, topic, newsreel or programme is always practical and applicable for
business. The channel offers bright and original ideas for business, projects ready to be implemented,
practical instructions and advice on launching, promoting and installing products and services.