Kanal Ukraina

Television and radio broadcasting company "UKRAINE" LLC is a major national television channel of Ukraine. Together with channels “Football” and “Football+” and the regional channel “Donbass” it is a part of “Media Group Ukraine” LLC, with “System Capital Management” company being holder of 100% of its shares.

TV channel “Ukraine” broadcasts informational, educational, children’s, entertaining, artistic and sports programs delivered by cable, satellite and on the air embracing all categories of viewers.

Results of the first half of 2012 shows that TV Channel  “Ukraine” increased its audience share by 11% compared to the first half of 2011. Share of 12.31% and rating of 2.02% put the channel on the second position among the nationwide TV channels (for audience 18+, 50.000+, data by GfK Ukraine), thus confirming its status of the most dynamic major channel in the country.

TV Channel “Ukraine” actively develops its own production. Here are some of the most successful projects of the channel: “Sobytiya” (Events), “Sobytiya Nedeli” (Weekly Events), “Govorit Ukrayina” (Social TV show), “Krytychna Tochka” (Journalist investigation program), “Jamaica” (TV-series) etc.