PJSC "Lviv Freezer Factory"- is the leader in ice cream production in Ukraine, has the 60 years experience in producing of high-quality and natural ice cream.

The company has been manufacturing and marketing ice cream exceptionally from natural ingredients ..Our company cares about the health of their consumers, that's why it does not use in the manufacture of its product the artificial dyes, fillers and preservatives. Products do not contain GMOs.

On market ice-cream of PJSC "Lviv Freezer factory"production is presented under the trademark "Limo."Assortment of ice cream TM "Limo" has more than 110 kinds of products, including: ice-cream in cones, choc-ice, waffle cups, briquette, cake, ice cream in polystyrene cups, weigh ice-cream, ice cream in the bucket, fruit-ice,ice-cream in containers, ice cream-cake, ice cream-roll, monolith.

With modern facilities, new production lines, and experience gained over many years, JSC "Lviv Freezer Factory"" is able to offer exactly that kind of ice cream that the market needs now and immediately, thereby satisfying all age groups. Despite the automation of production knowledge of many years and experience in  ice cream manufacturing are invested in every movement, in every stage of the work  so that  a little masterpiece of a new brand "Limo" always appear in stores.

The company is also engaged in manufacturing and selling various types of glazes and fruit flavors.

Since 2010 JSC "Lviv Freezer Factory"  has started the production of frozen prepared food, such as meat dumplings and “vareniki” in a wide range of premium quality. Meat dumplings and “vareniki” are produced under the trademark "Limo."

In 2010 JSC “Lviv Freezer Factory " has received a new certificate for quality management system State Standards of Ukraine  ISO 9001:2009.

Member of the Association of Ukrainian producers of "Ice cream and frozen food."