A non-alcoholic drink in an ultra-modern and bright package is specially made for cheerful and stylish city jigs.

Mojo™ is a totally natural beverage. There are no chemicals, conservants, artificial flavorants or coloring agents. Mojo™ contains natural juice.

Mojo™ line-up is performed in 2 different tastes:

Mojo™Mint Lime (15% of natural juice) and Mojo™Cola Orange (2% of natural juice).

Mojo™ drinks are produced in 0,25 l ; 0,33 l; 0,5 l cans and 0,5 l PET bottles.

Mojo™ Mint Lime has a light taste of lime with a fresh mint flavor. It is perfect for making classy cocktails and consuming alone.

Mojo™ Cola Orange is cola, which has never been so useful before owing to natural orange juice that it includes.

While studying or working, having fun or rest  - don’t miss a new tendency to follow modern trends with Mojo™.