Potable water “PryrodneDzherelo”™

“PryrodneDzherelo”™ is crystal-clear potable water gotten from artesian well in environmentally benign region of Ukraine (city of Zhashkiv, Cherkassy region)

“Pryrodnedzherelo”™ is a perfect combination of a pleasant refreshing taste, high quality and available price.

Our product undergoes careful clarification and owing to this its mineral composition is well balanced. The bottling process is carried out on the latest Italian bottling line. Unlike mineral waters “PryrodneDzherelo”™ potable water can be drunk every day. It is also appropriate for cooking.

«PryrodneDzherelo”™ is on the market since 2010

Its product range includes: sparkling artesian water, Low – carbonated artesian water, Still artesian water “PryrodneDzherelo” ™ is produced in 0,5, 1,0, 1,5, 2,0l PET bottles.