TA Venture

TA Venture is a venture capital firm focused on investing in innovative seed-stage and early-stage Web companies in the USA, Europe and more particularly in Ukraine, Russia and other CIS countries. We also invest in growth-stage companies with proven business models that have been successfully implemented in Western markets and which seek to expand their business into Ukraine, Russia and other CIS countries.

TA Venture operates a venture capital fund, which has reached an initial capital commitment of $50 million. The company is registered in Luxembourg.

TA Venture is a general partner of IDCEE, the International Conference «Investor Day in Central and Eastern Europe: Internet Technologies & Innovations». The goal of the conference is to bring together ideas and insights of leading experts and start-up entrepreneurs with expertise and experience of investors and business-angels, as well as organization of keynote speaker presentations, panel discussions, start-up competition, and meetings with prominent world experts.