Igor Shoifot

Igor Shoifot - Co-founder and COO of Fotki.com

Igor co-founded and ran Fotki.com, world's largest indi photo site (5M users, 2B photos), was CEO of Microsoft WebTV's largest entertainment portal, Epsylon Games (over 70 games, over 5% of total WebTV traffic), launched profitable start-ups in games, education, VOD, VoIP and publishing, founded and sold virtual internship system "vInternship" to Manhattan Institute.

In cooperation with friends and colleagues at TMT Investments, invested in such dashing companies as Backblaze, Wrike, Socialize, PeekYou, Wanelo, and many others. Advising such rising stars and budding flowers as Depositphotos, ScaleGenomics, Kuznech and several others. Consulted numerous investment firms, including: Fidelity Investments, DE Shaw, Advent and Norwest Venture Partners.
Armed to the virtual teeth with a PhD, MBA and MA degrees, taught graduate and undergraduate courses at UC Berkeley, New York University, UCSF and other schools, and lectured at Stanford on entrepreneurship, social networks, e-commerce, application development, internet advertising, digital media management, online marketing and business development.