Lukas Hudecek

Lukas Hudecek, Co-Founder and MD at StartupYard and Node5

Lukas is an entrepreneur like minded person with a passion for innovation and market disruption. He has experience in a wide variety of fields, from e-commerce through software developemnt to manufacturing electronic devices.

Founded Node5 - an awesome work space, incubator and club of entrepreneurship in Prague. Strong community, inspiring events and startup environment with everything that is supposed to be casted around it in one physical place.

Spend 2,5 years in Skype as a Senior Engineer maintaining secure web systems and developing new products such as SkypeToGo and very first versions of Facebook integrations into Skype client.

Organized IPO48 – startup weekend hackathons, one in Nairobi, second in Prague. Founded GoToMarket Academy – program helping part-time entrepreneurs to go full-time or fold down. Occasionaly mentors and coach people in startup events like StartupLive, StartupWeekend, Mini-Seedcamp. Lukas is currently running 3 months long accelerator program StartupYard in Prague.