Maurizio Rossi

Maurizio Rossi is Co-Founder of H-Farm Ventures.

He was born in Italy in '64 and belongs to the "bad boy" generation. He is connected to creative culture and inspired by design because it shapes new things as well as people's minds. He likes to observe and understand people's lifestyles and their local traditions.In his previous-century experiences, Maurizio worked for a family-run company called Rossimoda, market leader of luxury women's footwear, at present part of the LVMH fashion holding, where his main commitment was new product-line spin-offs and market expansion.

In 1990, within his family group, Maurizio launched Vista Point, a business unit dedicated to internationally expanding leading US action-sports brands such as NoFear, Spy Optics and DC. He has been involved in both retail and wholesale distribution networks and believes that the 21st century will bring the big shift; the internet, new information technologies together with clean energies and environmental issues will be the driving forces of this great opportunity and Maurizio Rossi has joined and invested in H-Farm to make his contribution to innovating models and to support the shift that is coming.