Ramil Ibragimov

Ramil Ibragimov, CEO at IT-park Chelny.

Ramil holds Leader position of  StartUpSabantuy.  He was ranked first in a Russian technopark efficiency rating list, compiled by the Russian Communication Ministry.

 IT Park Chelny has become the first technopark in Russian Federation to propel and develop IT entrepreneurships. The network of the Park was built within the State program “High Technology Technoparks Creation in the RF” implemented by the Ministry of Communications of the Russian Federation.

The major goal of high-technology technopark creation is the ambitious development of IT industry as a part of Russian economics trough adopting intellectual and financial resources.

The network of IT Park Chelny is designed as a smart building with an up-to-date technical infrastructure. It shows the unique business platform for the ICT development in the Republic of Tatarstan.