Sergey Tigipko

Sergey Tigipko - the Vice Prime Minister of Ukraine.

During these years in Ukraine he led a group of economist-reformers which developed and realized a number of important economic reforms, among which was The Bill of Business Deregulation.

In 2000 he was leader of “Trudova Ukrayina” (“Labour Ukraine”) political party, which at that time was one of the most influential political parties in the country; he left the post voluntarily in 2005 after the presidential elections.

In 2002 he becomes a head of the National Bank of Ukraine and presides over two years of monetary and fiscal stability.

Between 2007 and 2009 he was Chairman of the Board of PJS? Swedbank (legal successor of JSCB "TAS-Kommerzbank"). In 2007 the Swedish banking group SwedBank purchased TAS-Kommerzbank and renamed it Swedbank, where he worked as Chairman of the Board of PJS Swedbank.

In 2010 Sergey became the Vice Prime Minister–Minister of social policy of Ukraine.